Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Karoshi Pocket and other stuff

For the Game Jolt's Indie Demake Competition I've chosen to do a demake of Jesse Venbrux's (http://www.venbrux.com/) Karoshi, and I named it Karoshi Pocket, since I made it look like a Game Boy game. I chose to demake Karoshi because of its awesome game design and I enjoyed playing it a lot.
Pocket Karoshi is on v1.1 now since I fixed some nasty bugs on it, and I swear that never have worked so much in a game during a small period of time. I also learned a lot from it too. I "really" doubt that will place in the competition, but it was fun to make (except some parts, of course, but this happens with any game as far I know).
And here's the Game Jolt's link. Have fun! http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/puzzle/karoshi-pocket/2775/
I also have a DeviantART and a Flickr, so check them how if you want!
I'll also try to update the blog more often for here on now. :)

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