Saturday, September 25, 2010


After contradicted my last blog post about make them more regularly (sorry...) I will make this blog post full of info. Here it goes...
-I've made a game for LD18
LD (Ludum Dare) is a 48hour game competition that has a diferent theme each time it happens. This time the theme was "enemies as weapons" and my entry was Spacenoid. It's on Game Jolt with my other games and it has the source with it (as demanded by the compo). There's also a MiniLD starting today but I'm not participating on it. Here's the link: (embedding is not working for now...)

-Expect less updates from me
School started and I want to have better grades this year so I unfortunately won't be able to make any game nor drawings until next holiday. Next blog post should be made at that time. (which is mid-December)

-I brought a Bamboo
Finally brought a Bamboo to replace my old drawing tablet. It's awesome and totally worth 50€.

-Making more updates on Twitter
If you wish follow me at Twitter there is a link on the right side of the blog or follow this link ( :)

And that's all. Until next blog post then!