Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decomestime Studio is now Satelite Play

Hello! I've been thinking making this change earlier, but I thought that now was a good moment to do it so.

"Decomestime" could be confusing to say, with so many pronunciations possible, so it could bring complications on the future. I thought more carefully on a name now and so came up with "Satelite Play" (also removed "Studio" on the name since the name sounds better without it).

I think it's easier to say than "Decomestime" and it reflects better on what the blog is about (with "play" meaning like in playing games).
I don't know if I should leave the Decomestime Studio intros/indentification on my older games or not, but I'll think of that later (and also perhaps update them with other goodies?).

And it's all for now, next post will contain some in-development stuff.
To celebrate, here's a screenshot of one of my "indef" projects. :)

PS: As you can see I changed the link, so if you have an Atom feed or a blog bookmark they have to be actualized with the new address.

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