Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arkanaut, Stencyl and more

Some things to talk about.


I launched Arkanaut last month at Kongregate (I should update the blog more often...)! The game is a port of Spacenoid with some changes on it. I renamed it to Arkanaut since there already was stuff called Spacenoid.*

For my first flash game it didn't went bad, I should have called to do beta testing the game before I released it, but people seem to enjoy the concept and so I will do a sequel sometime in the future.

Here's the link:

And about flash, that brings me to another point, which is...


Arkanaut was made using Stencyl, and I can tell you, it's swweeet. It beats Game Maker for me.
Since I'm on a NDA I cannot talk about the program more that it's already stated by the site or said by the creator (Jon), but I can tell that you will like it once it reaches open beta.
Check it out:

Game Maker Rant:

Now, Game Maker is still a very decent program, but YoYo Games doesn't inspires me anymore to continue using it.
There are some people at YoYo Games that are cool, like NAL from the Ne Touchez Pas series, or Mike Russel, who does a good job.
But Sandy, ugh, why he's a PR if he doesn't know how to freaking PR.

The smiley cog situation, the amateurish Cease and Desist letter for the GM iOs compiler developers...
Also, now not bad in a PR standpoint since they are having success with it, don't get me started with the iOS YoYo Games deal. How they're people thinking it's a good deal is beyond me, YG have the right to do the deal they want to do (assuming it's legal of course), but Apple gets 20% of the profits and YG 30%...
I'm a bit bad at math, but I know that I would only win a 1/2 of the profit instead of getting 4/5 like normal at the App Store.

Learning Xcode, buying a cheap Mac and paying the 90 dollar fee for being a iOs developer is way better than this deal, since I get that way 1/2 of the profit, don't have the YG advertising plastered on my game and I can do internal testing with it.


And finally I'm doing another flash game, and again with Stencyl. This one is called Blackheist, and after is finished I will try to get a sponsor for it. It's about defeating evil robots with a laser that comes though your head.

*The LD version was Spacenoid of course, but that was just a 48hour game, and I wanted to have a completely (or almost completely) original name for the flash version.

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