Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I got some things to talk about. I also (again) apologize for this late update, I should write a post at least when a launch a game, and not a mouth later of when I launch game launch. Anyway:


I released a new game called Blackheist, which is a arcade game where you control a robot that shoots beams of lasers from its head to defeat evil robots. Personally I think this is my best game yet, but my favorite game of mine's is still Tea Time, probably because of the character design. Either way, I'm happy how Blackheist came out.

You can play it either on Kongregate or Game Jolt.

And it's all. I'll show some of my upcoming games as soon they are in a viewable state (without WIP graphics). I'm also thinking of adding some pages to this blog to be easier to see my games and perhaps one of pages can serve as a portfolio. Until next time. :)

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