Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper Physics

Releasing on the 31st October

This is my newest project, Paper Physics. I'm really proud of it, I never worked so hard on a game, and its my first iOS game as well, which is pretty cool.
I started it February as a simple Flash game for sponsorship, but I instead went to work on an another game. I started working it for real when I decided to launch it for the iOS with the upcoming iStencyl.
And now it's finished. But what's the game about?

The game:
- It's a physics puzzler with lots of level elements, such as windmills, gravity blocks and even bumpers. The objective of each level is to touch the checkmark blocks, using both timing and logic.

- There are four level sets; Beginner, Normal, Hard and Master, with twelve levels each, so it's a total of 48 levels.

- There's also leaderboards and achievements for extra fun!

And it's all for now! I'll update this blog once the game is out.

(Press Information: If you wish to review this game, contact me at and I'll send a code to your way)

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