Saturday, August 18, 2012

About Paper Physics and its availability

Hello everyone. Sorry for the radio silence, I've been working hard on a new game, but I don't want to spill the beans for now. Maybe I'll tell you in the next blog post?

As for Paper Physics : To publish on the App Store there's a yearly license, and if the license expires you not only can't publish new games on the App Store as the games that are on the App Store are removed.

So what will happen is that, coming the 1st of September, the game will no longer be available on the App Store. Anyone that bought the game will still have the game on their devices.
I activated my account on the 1st of September, which was kinda foolish of my part since the game only got in sale in the 31st of October.

That doesn't mean that it will not come back, but I'll *perhaps* only renew the license when I'm closer to my game's release. The truth is, Paper Physics was far from a good seller, and won't renew it again for that as much I like Paper Physics. Don't want to guilt-trip anyone, if the game wasn't a good seller it's my fault for not advertising the game well enough.

So if you want to get Paper Physics be sure to buy it before the 1st of September, otherwise it won't be available until some point in the future if ever, sadly.

You can buy it in here:

And thanks for everyone that bought the game and enjoyed it. I've learned a lot from this.

Peace out,
Manuel Magalhães

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 Years of Game Making

These two years were just, wow.
So much happened in them. I remember that I released The Escape at a Saint Valentine's night. The game was made in two days and my inspiration was a flash game called gnop. While I'm not proud of the game itself I'm stunted on how much I've learned in this two years since then and on the things I did. I would never thought I would launch an iOS game two years ago, but I just did it last October.
In celebration of all this I did two things:

For today, and today only, Paper Physics is free. The game usually costs .99$. :)

Today I'm announcing a new game called Sea Air : Lighthouse Festival:

What's Sea Air : Lighthouse Festival?
There's a lot to be determined and there's some elements I don't want to reveal yet, but I can tell you that Sea Air will be a point and click game in a first person view. For reference, see Myst. There will be an extra mechanic thrown in there, but it's too soon to tell.

What are the platforms that will be in?
For now just PC, but if I can I would like to see it in an iPad.

What will be the release date?
That's an hard one. I can't say but since I'm going to try to do this an one man project* it will take a good while until it's finished.

*except music. =p

In an ending note I would like to thank my family, friends, and everyone that supported me and my work. I hope to get better and better at doing games as time passes, but I'll always love what I'm doing. In fact perhaps I'm loving what I'm doing even more each year. So I'm glad that it all started on a Saint Valentine's night.