Q: How large is this company?
A: I'm 235/235 of this company.

Q: Do you create just games?
A: Not at all. I draw sometimes.

Q: There's some sort of slogan?
A: I hate slogans, with some exceptions.

Q: When did you started making games?
A: Since 2009, but I only completed my first game in 2010.

Q: I want to complain to/thank to/send fan art to/spam/(other) your email. What is it?
A: sateliteplay AT yahoo DOT com

Q: The word "Satelite" lacks an extra "l". What gives?
A: I think that the word looks prettier without that extra "l", as pretentious this might sound. I'll add it if there's too much confusion in the future, but in the meanwhile I'll keep it like that.


Q: Why (some) of the games are Windows-only?
A: The program where I made them, Game Maker, doesn't have a Linux version, and the Mac OS version (according from what I've heard) is buggy, but when I get my hand on a Mac I'll try to port them. (in fact since in the Mac OS version the games run on OpenGL "probably" they should have better compatibility with Wine, but I could be wrong)

Q: Why doesn't Paper Physics have an iPad version?
A: I don't own one. :(
I accept donations though! *wink*

Q: Why does it appear "Decomestime Studio" in your old games instead of "Satelite Play"?
A: Name change.