Main Games:
A physics game based on timing and strategy. Includes Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards.

Flash/Arcade/Blog Post/ Play (Stencyl.comKongregateGame Jolt)
An arena arcade game with lots of power ups and achievements. 
Made for Stencyl's Summer Game Jam.

Flash/Arcade/Blog Post/Play (Stencyl.comKongregate, Game Jolt)
An arcade platforming game about destroying robots.

Flash/Arcade/Blog Post/Play (Kongregate)
An arcade game with the mechanics of Pong and Space Invaders mixed up. 
It came from a prototype I did called "Spacenoid".

A game about a British aristocrat protecting himself from asteroids coming from the sky with the help of this top-hat.

Windows/Platformer/Blog Post/Download
A "demake" of the Karoshi series, made by Jesse Venbrux. 
The game's objective is to die in each level.

Other games and Prototypes:  
Windows/Arcade/Blog Post/Download
A prototype I did for LD48. 
The objective is to destroy all the aliens in the area with a paddle and a ball, so it's a fusion between Space Invaders and Pong. 
This concept was later polished in the form of another game, "Arkanaut".

A game with the pong mechanic and with a "deep" poem. 
My first game.

Windows/Adventure(?)/Blog Post/Download
A game where you complete a portrait with your mouse.